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Canada Calls

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Canada Calls to Its Great Summer Vacation Land

Grand Forks Herald, North Dakota
May 20, 1921

Read by Maya El-Kibbi

It is utterly useless to compare Canada, except with the very best of our resorts. To begin with, it lies north of our northern boundary and, consequently, is cool.

Its scenery has charmed us in the movies, but only for magnificent flashes as compared with a vacation in the hospitable Dominion.

Canada appeals to the successful – to the highest order of nature lovers, to knowing tourists, artists, experienced campers, canoeists, anglers, hunters and mountain climbers. It is historic, legendary, but above all, superlatively beautiful, healthful and invigorating. Memories linger.

The Grand Trunk, being the principle route to Canadian resorts, has had the pleasure of compiling and publishing a most complete guide book with maps. It is free for the asking. Reduced fares during the entire summer season. Address requests to J. D. McDonald, General Passenger Agent, Grand Trunk Railway System, 112 West Adams Street, Chicago Illinois.